• Villa Patmos Netia

Villa Patmos Netia Ready to Open in June

The Villa Patmos Netia is getting ready to open its doors on June 1 and welcome travelers to the renowned Greek island of Patmos.

Villa Patmos Netia is one of the island’s newest additions in hospitality. Inspired by storytelling, its name derives from the SKala neighborhood where it all began.

The hotel’s Rooms, Studios and House — each with its own name — are impressively arched towards the privacy of individual terraces, leading, in most cases, at the sight of the sea and the most beautiful sunset on the island.

Villa Patmos Netia has two location, one of these is right on the seafront of the renowned Xoxlakas – the most beautiful sunset on the island, just 1 km from Patmos’s port and 0,5 km from the center of Skala.

The accomodation’s design is an impression of Mediterranean influences. Rustic textures — as seen in the various stone, wood, and white walls — sit side-by-side with sleek, modern furnishings and accents that include topped console tables and low hanging ceramic pendant lighting in guestrooms.

Open to the elements beneath canvas sails with stylishly rustic wooden tables and chairs set positioned to watch the sunset.

For more information visit https://en.villapatmosnetia.com/netia-patmos


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